Are you an expert?
This is the first question that every person is trying to figure out when hiring me.

The simple answer I have is, well of course I'm an expert. With over 7 years experience programming, a degree in Computer Science, LAMP server administration experience, 3 years experience consulting, being an established business, a current pool of repeat customers, etc.

If you don't believe me, call me and I will be happy to discuss your problem.

Phone Number

Will you give me what I want (rather than tell me what I want)?

A common problem in the computer services industry is a customer goes to a computer geek, the customer tells the geek what he/she wants. The geek replies with what the customer should want. When all is said and done, the customer feels cheated and is no closer to solutions.

Simply put, that won't happen with Clean Code Co. A process known as Extreme Programming is followed to make sure the customer demands are met first. Send me a email and you will get a quick response.