Vtiger CRM

Custom Vtiger Module in 3 days or less.

Vtiger CRM is a new open source CRM/ERP solution. It implements cloud computing and is very stable. It offers more 'bang for the buck' compared to other CRM/ERP solutions.

Companies implementing Vtiger always require outside help to succeed with the transition.

Many companies try to implement CRM and ERP solutions by themselves with internal people (usually the IT staff). It rarely works for a few reasons. The IT staff has their own responsibilities and don't allocate time to implement new software. The new software implementation runs behind schedule. Also, since they are not trained to do things like data migration, data quality audits, database administration, custom module development, user adoption training etc. so it take a long time to accomplish the same tasks compared to an outside specialist. Sometimes five to ten times longer.

For specialized work, internal people can cost more money than using specialized outside consultants.

An old adage in software states "Software is only as smart as the dumbest user." It simply means that the software that your company uses is useless if the people using it don't know how to use it. Without proper training, some users input wrong information and half of the data in the CRM/ERP program is bad. It is specifically bad for summary sheets like balance sheets or dashboards items. If the information used to calculate a balance sheet is bad, the balance sheet is completely useless. Clean Code Co. offers training to combat these problems.

Training is mandatory to maintain data quality in a new CRM/ERP program.

Clean Code Co specializes in implementing, hosting, and customizing vtiger solutions for customers. Research has shown business that use vtiger (or other crm software) have an increase in revenue.

If you are interested in using vtiger, feel free to use the contact page.

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