Data Migration

Clean Code Co. has significant experience migrating data into NetSuite and Vtiger.

Moving to a new program sometimes requires data to be migrated. For established businesses, this is always true. Usually, moving data is a difficult and time consuming task. It involves exporting data, checking data integrity, adjusting the data to be compatible with the new system, importing the data into the new system, and finally validating data. Since businesses are always using their data, the data migration has to happen quickly and efficiently, otherwise the transition will not meet the deadline.

Moving data is a complicated process that requires specialized experts.

Processes developed by Clean Code Co. help manage this transition quickly. It involves working on-site or as close to on-site as possible (telecommuting with shared desktops), high customer involvement, data analysis, relational database expertise, quick scripting abilities, and finishing before the deadline. For questions about this process, call (phone number below) or use the contact page.

Missing a deadline will increase the cost of transition, Clean Code Co. is willing to share the missed deadline cost.

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